The Summer Weeks 2018 is coming

Welcome to the Summer Weeks Spiritual Ecology 2018 on the island of Meløya. Now in its third year, we have pushed the border further and further north, into more and more spectacular landscapes, into ever deeper soul experience: from the gentle hills of the Harestua Sun Observatory to the dramatic Alpine Scenery of Jotunheimen (Giants`Home) – and now far far north into the land of the midnight sun.

“Meeting the sun at midnight” has been a well-known pattern in occult tradition; it refers to the ultimate disclosure of the inner reality of things in the light of understanding (based on self-knowledge). The unique quality of the polar regions of Norway is that it offers you such mystical experiences to your naked eyes, melting together sense perception with soul experience and communion with the elementary world of nature spirits (if you listen carefully inwards). No wonder the term (and the method) “Deep Ecology” was coined by Norwegian rebel academic Professor Arne Næss….

The program is yet to be finalized. Browsing through the brochures, articles and pictures from the past summer weeks 2016 and 2017 will give you a clue of what this is about. Then add the mesmerizing beauty of the Norland coast, and you will be able to imagine what will happen this summer on the wind-blown island of Meløya… (We posted some pictures here on this website and on Facebook, many more are to be found on the local tourist website mentioned there).


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