How to get there



How to get there: airplane, train or bus

Download the pdf here: How to get to Meløya island -Summer week 2018

The natural choice is to book (early!!)  a low-cost flight to Oslo ( (f.ex. from Berlin for less than 50 Euro, at least 5 times a day, also from Hamburg, Amsterdam, Munich etc.), then from Oslo to Bodø either with another direct flight or train or bus (a whole day trip – but an adventure by itself). In case you’re looking at the flight with the low-cost Airline Norwegian (, you may consider buying it through the Norwegian travel agency (online through or directly through their service telephone +47 21493900, open 8 to 21). This is because has a special deal with Norwegian airlines, allowing you two pieces of luggage for free

By all means, the Norwegian travel agency as a very good service telephone and will help you in any way with your whole trip, even starting in your home country.

It is highly recommended to book early as flights (and train tickets) can get very expensive during the summer. Long distance busses like may be a good alternative.

Still, the train from Oslo to Bodø may be a good alternative. A group of about 10 participants will leave Oslo on Monday, July 2 at lunchtime, go out at Trondheim to every three hours walk through the historic capital with its beautiful cathedral and old town – and then jump on the night train to Bodø, arriving at 9 o’clock in the morning. Here we will meet and enjoy some sightseeing in the capital of the Nordland region, before taking bus and boat to the island Meløa. Here is the link to the Norwegian state railway NSB:, and this is the specific search for the trip Oslo-Bodø.

Here is a useful tool: (choose English or German), more specifically here

Here is an overview of all local bus and boat connections, gathered in one  PDF document

and her the timetable of the ferry to the Island:

. More to come.

Accomodation: Room and board is included.

Simple standard in a traditional farm house turned into a family retreat / seminar center. Double and triple rooms, a few external cabins. You can also come with your own tent or camping Caravan (and pay much less) – or upgrade to a single room in a cabin in the vicinity (and pay much more).

Optional extension:

  • Monday 16. July – Thursday 19. July (can be extended according to individual wishes): Trip to Lofoten. Will be organized in community; you can calculate 100 Euro per day plus boat and bus. We are so lucky to have found accommodation on a biodynamic goat dairy farm in a most beautiful spot on the most beautiful island of Lofoten . Here we have three rooms with 2 to 3 beds each, in addition unlimited camping and tent space.