The Pre-programme of the Summer Weeks 2017 is yet to be confirmed. We are considering a public lecture / podium dialog in Oslo on the weekend before the Summer Weeks, maybe even a little seminar in Oslo or the Oslo area.

If you want to get an idea of the 2016 program, have a look here.

What we can tell you, though, is that  there will be another event in July which might be of interest to you. It is organized independently from the Summer Weeks by the Association for the Research of Formative Forces (Verein fuer Bildekräfteforschung,, and all information and registration goes through them.

We also would like to mention an independent event run by Dorian Schmidt, a main contributor to the Summer Weeks of 2016. The themes of the Summer Weeks are deeply connected with Dorian’s work.

Workshop with Dorian Schmidt (independent event, not part of the Summer Weeks)
Research on healing plants in Leira / Valdres 


From Saturday 15. until Saturday 22. July, Dorian Schmidt will offer a deepening workshop regarding the methods of ‘research of formative forces’,along the lines of “Formative forces and the Cognition of Healing Plants”. This group is especially designed for professionals in the healing professions, anthroposophical doctors and the like., but open for participants who have attended one of Dorian’s seminars previously or those who attended last year`s  Summer Week work groups of either Manfred Schleyer or Christine Sutter.

Location: Leira i Valdres

Date: Saturday, 15.– Saturday 22. July 2017