The Pre-programme of the Summer Weeks 2017 

BeeDynamic: Spiritual ecology in practice
This exciting weekend of perception activities will be taking place as a prelude to the Summerweeks, but you’re welcome to join it as a stand-alone event, if you’re unable to make the rest of the programme.

Location: BeeDynamic, Syverudveien 138, 1407 Vinterbro (30 Minuten südlich von Oslo)

Date: Saturday, July 30, 10.00-16.00, Sunday, July 31, 10.00-13.00

Language: The course will be in English, with translation available.


Ingelin Vestly : ‘What bees need today’ – the path of BeeDynamic
Martin Hollerbach: Bees in the biodynamic farm organism
Gunter Gebhard: Goethean observation of bees
Dirk Kruse: Bees in the cycle of the year

Organised in cooperation with BeeDynamic, an international centre for dynamic bee-keeping, training and research.

Costs: 90 €
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