Nature Spirit Festival

Saturday 29 July 2017, 17:00 to 21:00

Kundalini Yoga School, Prof. Dahls gate 30, 0260 Oslo

A potpourri of words, pictures and sounds on deep communication between man and nature.

With course leaders and artists of the summer weeks Spiritual Ecology 2017 (Jotunheimen, 31 July to 12 August)

Admission: 100 kr (refreshments extra)


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  • Fanny Parow Celtic harp
  • Raphael Kleimann Welcome
  • Gill Coombs  The greater good – thoughts on collaboration in nature, and human endeavour as a form of spiritual ecology.
  • Dana Tomasino Heart Intelligence Extended – empiric research on heart-based communications with animals, plants and the planet
  • Manfred Schleyer Everything Flows – research on living water (with pictures)
  • Dirk Kruse See the landscape with the soul – imagination, inspiration and intuition on the journey into the interior of nature.
  • Fanny Parow & Raphael Kleimann The Verses of the Vikings – Old Norse in comparison to ancient Greek. How poetry lives in the landscape. Recitation and demo.
  • Marianne Kleimann Sevåg A miniature to the Norwegian people’s soul
  • Olav Jensen Volksgesang from the Telemark
  • Fanny Parow storytelling

Break with buffet and other refreshments

  • Marianne Tvedt Vitaleurythmy – mindfulness in motion (Demo and exercise for all)
  • Gunter Gebhard Seeing Goethe’s eyes – everything speaks in nature
  • Martin Hollerbach Encounters with trees

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