BeeDynamic: Spiritual ecology in practice
The need of bees and their helpfulness

Location: BeeDynamic, Syverudveien 138, 1407 Vinterbro (30 Minuten südlich von Oslo)
Date: Saturday, July 30, 10.00-18.00, Sunday, July 31, 10.00-13.00
Language: English

Ingelin Vestly What bees need today; The BeeDynamic way
Dirk Kruse Bees in the annual cycle
Renatus Derbidge Observations of the living (not confirmed)
Odd Lindbråten Bees, flowers, colours
Are Thoresen Spiritual observations of bees
Willi Höfer Apitherapy

Arrangement in cooperation with BeeDynamic, international study and research site for spiritual beekeeping.

Costs: 90 €
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Debate forum: Natural science at the end of the road?
Radical alternatives for the research of the living

Empathical perception, goetheanistic natural science and ways of knowledge in spiritual research – on the way to an spiritual ecology of depths and heights?

Location: Oslo

Time: Sunday, 31 July, 16.00-21.00

Languages: Norwegian, English, German


Dr. Manfred Schleyer – Leader of the Institute for Fluid science (Strömungswissenschaft) – Theodor Schwenk Institute for Water Research

Christine Sutter – Institute for Water Research, course leader, nature pedagogy

Dirk Kruse – Counselor, Founder of the Method of “soul observation of nature” and trainer in “spiritual organizational development”

Renatus Derbridge – goetheanistic researcher in the “Natural science section, School of Spiritual Science, Goetheanum” and Iscador AG, Arlesheim

Odd Lindbråten – artist and educator, Rudolf Steiner high school in Oslo

Are Thoresen – therapist and veterinary, author of teaching books for natural healing, treating cancer, and spirituality.

Marianne Kleimann Sevåg – educator and counselor, co-founder of Baldron Ideal Society, editor of the book “The amputated childhood”

Henrik Thaulow – class teacher and crafts and arts teacher, educational counselor for primary schools in the Waldorf Association, docent at the Steiner high school in Oslo

Trond Skaftnesmo ( not confirmed )