Summer Weeks 2020 in Karelia: Koli (Finnland) and Kenozero, Russia

RUSSIA-FINLAND Journey June/July 2020

seminars on the island of SOLOVIETSKY IN THE WHITE SEA (Russia)
AND IN CARELIA – on the Russian side, then the Finnish side – COLI-

-30.6. until 12.7.2020-

about the various mystery currents: Hyperboraea, Drotten, Scythianos, Widar, Nordic mysteries, Kalevala and its mystery references, rock drawings, encounter and unification of East and West (-Europe), about the essence of time and about annual festivals, and perceptions of nature…Eurythmy and musical sounds… preparations…possibly again “healing” for history and landscape

Koli Kalevala Solovietzki

Already last year people travelled to Finland (Koli) and the Solovietsky archipelago in the White Sea…Impressive was the high “timeless” spirituality of the islands, which seemed to radiate far into Western Europe. And also the nature (and the White Sea) showed itself on the one hand through the very old pre-cultures, on the other hand through the long intensive inner religious life in a very special inner, like “shining” way.

So there will be three stages:
1. the island of Solovietsky: 30.6.- 4.7.
2. Russian Karelia via Belomorsk (rock drawings) in the direction of the Finnish border: 4.7.-8.7.
3. Koli in Finland: 8.7. to 12.7. (departure day), (near Juuka on Lake Pielinen, and Jönsuu)

Instructors for our exercises and perceptions and conversations are for Soloviestky: Gunhild von Gries, Dirk Kruse, Christine Morf, Steffen Hartmann, for Russian Karelia: as above and Mikko Jairi,
in Koli: Mikko Jairi, Gunhild von Gries, Dirk Kruse, Christine Morf.

We are very happy that a group of Russians will be coming along again, including the Russian organizer Tatjana and our tireless translator Alla!

Organizational matters:

Overnight stay in Koli: simple but nice accommodation in Zim mern for two on an organic farm.
Farm (approx. 40€ /person), more expensive with more comfort
in Soloviestky: approx. 25-30 €/person, in holiday apartments or simple guesthouses in double rooms;
in Russian. Karelia: approx. 30/35 €/person in a double room; individually more expensive; possibly simpler shared rooms cheaper; bookings by yourself, but after consultation with us; individual meals
“Seminar fee”: in total 800 – 600 €,
It would be nice to join the whole trip. But it is also possible to book individual parts. Please ask!

Details about the trip:

Passport necessary, (must be valid beyond the date of departure!) and visa (apply for it yourself or through a “Russian travel agency”, ca 95 €
Ferry to the island: 50 €. possibly depending on agreement and interest some travel expenses for local excursions. For the journey from the island through Russian Karelia to Finland a bus is chartered, which is paid in cash on site. Costs depending on the number of participants: 100 -160 €

Arrival and departure is organized by each person. We give tips!
Attention! Arrival must start one day earlier: e.g. 29.6. flight or similar to St. Petersburg, there in the evening night train to Kem, arrival: 30.6. approx. 10.30, then ferry at 12.30 (or coming from the north from Murmansk)
Departure on 12.7. then from Finland: from Koli by shared taxi to Jönsuu, from there by train (o with domestic flight) to Helsinki and from there on. Depending on the connection an overnight stay may be necessary.

In Finland there is a famous chamber music festival nearby after our seminar.

To the registration and to “pass on”:

Last year we had a very intensive and impressive journey, with many happy experiences between “our” Russians and the other nationalities (Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Germany…) So we hope for a good continuation this year.

Please feel free to contact us first if you have a general interest in the trip. We will discuss everything else… If someone can’t make the seminar costs, please contact us. We would be grateful if others could pay the higher fee or a
be able to pay a subsidy for others.

Please tell your friends about this trip! Thank you.

More info:

Please ask for more information!

Registration only for Finland please contact Mikko Jairi directly:


Summer Weeks 2020 in Karelia: Koli (Finland) and Kenozero National Park, Russia

Die Sommerwochen spirituelle Ökologie 2020 werden grenzüberschreitend im Land der Kalevala stattfinden: vom 27. Juni bis 1. Juli 2020 in Koli, dem Nationalheiligtum Finnlands und Perle der Karelischen Seenplatte; dann bis 7. Juli in Rußland; mit Bustransfer und einigen Haltepunkten geht es in die Gegend des russichen Onegasees. Unsere Gastgeber im Kenozero Nationalpark haben sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, die spirituellen Traditionen der Bauern respektvoll in einer modernen Entwicklung zu bewahren – gerade auch in der Zusammenarbeit mit den Naturgeistern.,_Finland